Terms of use

DAMAGES: The Party, aka (also known as)You aka the Client, is fully responsible for all damage(s) or injury (-ies) caused to customers or OTHER Third Party persons, OUR WAITERS, as an example.

We will try our best to assist any that may suffer any loss such as: Customers(s) who willfully or accidentally leave behind any wallet(s), bag(s) or other property brought on.

In those situations, we will keep the item(s) for as long as mandated by law-the law changes rather often- and then turn them over to the many LOST & FOUND collection points located in virtually every corner of NYC. UNLESS, we believe it to be HARMFUL, which in that case it will be turned over to the AUTHORITIES.

Privacy policy

AGREEMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: To avoid a late cancellation or “no show” fee, the reservation must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted (4 hours early) in your email, voice-mail and or text confirmation! You MUST notify us of cancellation via email or phone. We are not liable for undelivered or blocked emails or faxes. A banquet shall be and is considered canceled after the Client, aka You, receives the cancellation confirmation via email, voice-mail and or text.

Please verify your cancellation over the phone, if no cancellation confirmation is received by you. Full charge will be applied to your account in case of late cancellation or "no show". Unless stated otherwise, in your email, voice-mail and or text confirmation, cancellations made Less than the following Minimum time(s) Prior to the service date(s) will be subject to the initial Full reservation Price!

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