Who we are

Welcome to the official website of Kavkazkiy Dvorik. We offering private parties, birthday celebrations, spacial events and holiday events. Reserve your events today!

We serve free delivery Brooklyn area to represent Mediterranean cuisine for New York city residents. Kavkazkiy Dvrotik rated "A" by Sanitary Inspection.


2015 -
I JUST left this restaurant and couldn't wait to write a review. It's a spacious place - great also for groups and families - with relaxed vibe and friendly service. I truly looooved their eclectic music selection.
2015 -
Very yummy food and great service when it's the guy with the great beard behind the counter.
2015 -
Love , love , love this place. .... Great coffee. Fresh , delicious & HEALTHY food.
2015 -
It is definitely 5 star restaurant! Very polite and professional service. Thank you!
2014 -
Delicious food. Small plates, and just amazing amazing food. I cannot wait to go again. highly suggested that you make reservations.
2014 -
The food here is very good! We have been back three times this week. Mmmm...


We are always in the lookout for talents and individuals looking for a permanent or temporary job and/or a place to build a career and call us family and/or home.

Positions in our company open often, as the restaurant business, increases and decreases according to the demand and supply of the people needing those-our- services. Some positions that become available seasonally and others for the longer term will be mentioned below.

Students- check for age appropriate position as required by law- women, those in career and/or life transition(s), retired individuals etc., are highly encouraged to apply and always welcomed in our organization.

  • Bus Boy/ Back-waiter, Waiter/ Bartender
  • Service Manager
  • Delivery Guy, Host/ Hostess
The above positions are just a few; please either email us your resume: info@kavkazkiydvorik.com, or call us.